A Detailed Review Of EXANTE Broker’s Offerings (2023)


Below is our detailed review of EXANTE broker, based on our findings and other opinions on the broker online. But first, before looking at the broker’s offerings, let us learn more about EXANTE by reviewing its background.

EXANTE’s background

If you’ve never heard of the broker EXANTE, you might be curious about its history and how long it’s been in business. Co-founders Alexey Kirienko, Anatoly Knyazev, and Gatis Eglitis founded EXANTE, a forex and CFD broker, in Malta in 2011. It made a stir in the European trading industry at the time since it was the first Maltese broker to give local traders direct access to international markets.

EXANTE’s founders have strong backgrounds in trading and investment, statistical arbitrage, software development, and international business. This combination of strengths allowed the broker to thrive under the leadership of its three co-founders, and fast forward 12 years, EXANTE has become one of the leading brokers in Europe in 2023, crossing the $2 billion mark in total AUM. It provides its own trading platform, the EXANTE trading platform, which was created for traders of all skill levels by seasoned traders who are aware of the requirements of both corporate and retail traders. In addition to the biggest markets in the US, Europe, and Australasia, the broker offers more than 600,000 financial products in more than 50 international marketplaces. Their product line includes the following asset classes: bonds, currency, metals, stocks and ETFs, futures, options, and futures.

Regulation and authorisation

EXANTE started off as a local Maltese broker that offered global access. Today, it has offices around the world, and it serves an international clientele from around the world. It has offices in London, Hong Kong, Malta, and Cyprus, and it is regulated by international financial authorities such as the FCA (UK), SFC (HK), MFSA (Malta), and CySEC (Cyprus). As many of EXANTE’s clients are from the European Union or trade within the region, EXANTE also took steps to be GDPR and MiFID-II compliant. These are frameworks on data protection and the operation of financial services to promote fair and transparent markets in the EU.

Products offered by EXANTE

After mentioning that EXANTE offers more than 600,000 financial products, let’s examine their selection by asset class while mentioning the broker’s minimum spreads and rates.


EXANTE offers over 50 currency pairs, including major ones like the EUR USD and minor ones such as the GBP JPY. Exotic currencies are also available upon request, provided that the broker finds the request reasonable. The broker offers 100% live prices on their trading terminal for live account holders, with fast execution of 10ms. Rates and commissions vary depending on the currency pair traded and the size of the trade. Spreads for currency trading begin from 0.3.

Stocks and ETFs

The broker offers over 24,000 stocks in over 50 global financial markets, which is a great way for stock traders to build a balanced and diverse portfolio across sectors and countries. With 100% live prices, traders can invest in shares from companies big and small, and they can access the biggest and hottest stock exchanges globally, including the NYSE, the ASX, the HKEX, and the LSE. Stock and ETF trading is accessible from 0.02 USD, and short selling is available in limited quantities for certain stocks.


Industrial and precious metals are available at EXANTE. For example, traders can participate in trading gold, copper, silver, and platinum with 100% live prices. Traders can invest in metals through derivatives such as options and futures, and they can take long or short positions to speculate on price movements or hedge existing positions. Metals are available for trading from 3 USD.


EXANTE offers a variety of government and corporate bonds from the US and Europe, with the possibility of exotic bonds being made available upon request. Some bonds that traders invest in may offer timely payouts, and bonds are available for investing from a rate of 9bps.


There is an impressive offering of more than 500,000 options from the broker from the largest exchanges in the world, such as the CBOE, the HKEX, and the CME, and beyond. Options are available for trading from 1.5 USD, and commissions vary depending on the size of the contract and the instrument being traded.


Finally, EXANTE offers access to over 30 global futures exchanges across continents, such as the ASX, the CBOT, the CME, and the EUREX. Traders can choose from over 500 futures varieties on bonds, commodities, and more, with 100% real-time prices, and benefit from the use of EXANTE’s single-account trading model. Futures are available for trading from 1.5 USD.

Our verdict on EXANTE’s offerings

EXANTE is known for its impressive product offering, as several other reviews online have mentioned and commented on. With over 600,000 financial products available with competitive spreads and reasonable commissions, traders will find it very easy and accessible to diversify their portfolios. For those who are looking to create a balanced investment strategy, EXANTE is a great broker to work with.

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