Some best plans offered by discount brokers


Those who deal in the share market know that they need to take the assistance of a good broker. In the market, one can find a full-service broker as well as a discount broker. The full-service broker is one who can offer all the services while the discount broker is one who can help one save a good amount in the form of brokerage taken as the charge to trading from the clients.

Whenever you recharge your mobile, account wallets or take some loan or open a fixed account in any bank, then they use to offer you some plans which comes to your budget and make a mood to buy that thing. Either you have to pay for it once and use it for some time or pay in instalment and own it till your last breath. So what are these plans?

These plans are set of packages with some price tagged on it which to be applied for a month, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly. The best discount broker is also having some attractive plans for your trading so that you feel free when you buy and apply those plans. Different discount brokers use to provide various plans; some of these plans are the unlimited monthly plan, flat fee plan, unlimited yearly plan, and fixed plan.

You can go for any of the plans which suit you and your trading business. These plans start with INR 15 to INR 10000. These plans are divided into two types freedom or professional plans. Freedom plan is extended for your whole life whereas the professional plan is especially for the professional people; this plan constitutes of some advanced tools with low charges.

Unlimited monthly trading plans

These plans are applied for a particular period of 30 days of a month by the best discount broker. These 30-day start from the day you purchase it and terminates when the date count gets to 30. These plans are designed for active traders, who are having multiple trading across various segments. Mostly got fondness from the small trader’s. It also supports large trading. Service tax is paid only once during buying the plan. These plans priced from INR 450 to INR 4999.

Flat fee trading plan

This plan is applied only for a day; it cost around INR 15 to INR 20. It is the best for traders who want large scale trading with less density. Service tax is paid as many times you do trading.

Unlimited yearly trading plans

These plans are applicable for a year and start from the first day of purchase and end on the 365th day. Here brokerage fee is not applicable. Service tax applied only once in a year, favourable for traders who were frequently doing trading, there is no scale for a quantity of trading.

Whenever you are going to opt for some trading plans, then you can search and consult them with the best discount broker available online. There is no consultation charge for brokerage so that you can choose the best plan for you at a minimal price.

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