Ways to Protect Your Company from a Possible Inside Job


It’s unfortunate to be on the receiving end of an inside job. You don’t want it to happen since it could be tough on everyone in the team. To know that someone from the group committed a horrible crime could be demoralizing.

It’s also a sign that the security in your company isn’t tough enough that crimes of this gravity could happen. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to prevent an inside job from ever happening.

Install security cameras 

Your employees won’t feel terrible if there’s a security camera installed not only outside the work area but even in the place where they work. Make sure they’re aware of this security feature so they won’t feel threatened. Instead, they will feel grateful that your company is taking extra steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Improve the hiring process

The problem when you lack employees is that you end up rushing the hiring process. As a result, you get someone who doesn’t suit the job. Worse, you may end up with a person with a criminal history. Therefore, you need to increase the layers of screening as you hire people to work with you.

Hire roving guards

You need security guards roaming around the vicinity at all times. Intruders could enter at various points in the office. You want to stop it from happening. Also, you provide a signal that security officers are around to check on possible crimes. It prevents anyone from doing something terrible, including the people working inside the office. Whether you need help with security cameras or guards, you can partner with security firms like Security Oxford.

Include this information during the orientation 

All new employees undergo an orientation. It’s standard for any company to provide the necessary information to its employees to carry out their responsibilities well. Apart from the basic information, you also need to include security-related information. You have to highlight the possible penalties for people who get caught committing crimes while at work. You don’t want to create a threatening atmosphere, but you want to make it clear that you won’t take anything lightly.

Create a no tolerance policy

If someone gets accused of stealing or doing other terrible things at work, you need to let go of that person right away. You can do so once you have completed the investigation. It tells everyone that these crimes are serious, and they need to avoid doing them at all costs.

You need to have employees who are trustworthy. The problem is that even the nicest people could still do terrible things when they’re in a difficult position. Therefore, you have to make sure that you try everything to increase the level of security in the workplace. You have to institute guidelines and penalties for those who violate the rules.

It won’t take much time to implement these changes related to security. As long as everyone knows, no one will feel bad about the steps you are taking.

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