Ways to Avoid Losing Office Supplies When Moving to a New Office


The worst part about moving to a new office space is that you have to pack a lot of things. You don’t want to pack them and open them again once you arrive in your new office. It takes a lot of time. You want to get back to your job as soon as possible. It’s even worse when you realize that upon arrival in your new office, the supplies and equipment you need are missing. Before experiencing this nightmare situation, you need to prepare yourself to move. These are the best ways to avoid losing supplies in the process.

Buy a huge plastic container

Some people might rely on paper boxes to pack their supplies. You don’t want to use them since they could get crumpled or broken along the way. You need to use plastic containers that are tough. Besides, you can reuse the containers, so it’s okay to use plastic this time. You can pack the containers and label them appropriately.

Label everything

It might seem funny if you decide to label all the items in your box, but you need to do it. You don’t want to misplace some things because you failed to write the labels. You might even want different smaller storage boxes for every item. For instance, you can have all the pins in a tiny box. You can also have folders in one container.

Conduct an inventory

You don’t only do inventory for the entire office, but even for your personal supplies. You need to do it so that you will know how many items you own. You can check if there are enough pens or notebooks that got delivered to your new office. It’s also easy to identify what’s missing by looking at your inventory list.

Bring some of the things yourself

If the company offered a delivery truck for all the things that you want to move, you could use it. Prioritize the heavy and bulky items you own. Small but valuable items can stay with you. Instead of using the truck, you can bring them yourself since you will also drive to the new office soon. You won’t run the risk of losing anything in the process.

Be the first to finish

You still have many things to do on top of packing your things. Therefore, you want to get things done soon. If you’re first to finish, the management team might prioritize your items for delivery. You don’t want to cram with everyone else since you might not get organised.

Don’t forget to remind your bosses to seek an end of tenancy cleaning London company before you leave. You have to do it as a way of saying thank you to the landlord for allowing you to operate your business in the office. You want to return the place to how it was before you came in.

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