Things to Do After Discovering Errors in Product Labels


You want the product labels to be perfect. When purchasing items, people see the labels first. They won’t feel enticed to buy a product with tons of errors on the label. Worse, your company could get sued due to misrepresentation. Therefore, as soon as you discover errors on the label, you have to do something about it.

Post an advisory notice

You can use your social media pages, websites and other tools to inform people about the mistake. If it’s a minor error that won’t constitute legal action, a simple public announcement should suffice.

Recall the products already released

You don’t want it to happen, but you have no choice but to recall when there are severe mistakes. For instance, the printed expiry date was incorrect. It could lead to confusion that might have a severe health impact. You need to recall all the items currently in the market before things get worse.

Another example is when the images used on the labels have a copyright problem. You might get sued by the owner of those photos. It was a mistake not to double-check if those images had copyright issues. Now that you already released the products, the problem has escalated. You still have to change the labels or face legal ramifications.

Replace the team dealing with product labels

There’s a complex process that goes into the creation of product labels. It also means that there were several layers of verification before the final printing of the labels. If these errors managed to remain uncorrected, it means that there was severe negligence by those who worked on them. As such, it’s best to replace them with people who can do a better job.

Take your time to release the new labels

After what happened, you can’t afford to have the same mistake again. People won’t trust you anymore because they think that you’re careless. You had several chances to correct the mistake before releasing the label, but you failed to do so. This time, it’s best if you take your time to design a new label. It helps if you can find different people to work on it.

You also need to have several layers of editing and rechecking before finally printing the labels. When checking for mistakes, you have to focus on spelling issues, grammar problems, copyright issues, aesthetic appeal, and many others. When the label is ready for printing, and you’re confident that it’s error-free, you can count on if you want better product labels. Replacing erroneous labels could cost a lot of money, so you don’t want it to happen again.

Evaluate the impact of the product label

After some time, you can evaluate the response of your target audience. Did they become more enticed to select your product because of the new label? Did the company profit increase due to the changes?

You need to answer these questions so that next time, you can come up with better product labels.

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