Glenn Neeley and the Invention of NeoWave


Neowave trading service is always on top ranking in the Timer Digest,and as per this journal, Glenn Neeley has received the highest recognition as internationally recognized money manager, financial advisor, and Elliot wave analyst.

Glenn Neeley has invested 30 years of his career in advancing the trading and financial strategy and forecast and has always achieved world class and practical results.

Glen Neeley first started over 30 years ago from now,and he was influenced by the Elliot wave theory and started his journey of improving, analyzing and forecasting the wave and trading based on R. N Elliot’s principles. Neely also invented an institute named Elliot Wave which has now been named NeoWave Inc.

Talking of Elliot wave and NeoWave…..what is it?

What is NeoWave

NeoWave theory developed by writer and economic analyst Glenn Neeley based on Elliot’s concept using the original technique analyze waves, with the purpose to lessen the individuality and anticipated disputes of the traditional Elliot Waves theory and at the same time trying to improve the foretelling power of the same. Neowave is an incorporated trading service which makes you understand how to make money in detail. Following the market, analyze and doing the forecasts and then trade in the same can be sometimes contradictory or confusing.

What is Elliot Wave?

Elliot wave is generally analyzing the financial market cycles and the forecast market based on clients’ psychology, ups, and downs in the market price and other essential and collective aspects.

Difference between Elliot and Neo Wave

Though the above mentioned two sounds similar, they have slight line differences between them. When R.N. Elliot invented the Elliot wave theory, he was way too orthodox to depend only on human psychology and intuition to study the market strategy.Whereas Glenn Neely took the basic from Elliot’s wave theory but developed the same with much more practical, logical, scientific and object-oriented way to forecasting the waves and the results were proved to the world.

Glenn Neely’s Theory

Glenn Neely also had his Neely River theory which was more of low-risk trading strategies majorly with capital preservation. However, after modifying the Elliot wave theory, preferably with the NeoWave argument, Neely became famous with his forecasting methodology based mainly on practical scenarios, a precise and login analysis of the market strategies which leads to much more accurate results or forecasts.

Neowave gives you a piece of detailed information on how to make money in detail and most of the clients who are pretty tenured in the system, like money managers, brokers or traders, they find this service unique and profitable.

There are mainly two types of Neowave trading services-

Neowave Trading Service: Neowave trading services are released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Neowave trading clients also receive the Neowave Forecasting service updates as well.

Neowave Forecasting Service: here also there are three types, Neowave Forecasting services are release in 3 different ways

Daily basis: every Friday

Weekly basis: released on the first Sunday on every new month

Monthly basis: published on the first Sunday of every new quarter

Neowave Trading Service generally follows a couple of market trends like S&P 500, T-notes, Euro Currency, Gold,etc. and by focusing on these markets, Neowave gives the exact on wave analysis and also recommends what kind of trading is possible. Neowave trading and forecasting services as mostly seen on Timer Digest’s top rankings.


Glenn Neely has been given recognition and appreciations as the TOP Timer for last 20 years and more than 200 times. Few of his recognitions are

  • First time rated as Top Times by Timer Digest in 1996
  • Top 10 S&P Timer for the last ten years
  • High 5 Bond Timer for the previousfive years
  • Gold Honor Roll, Top 5 Timer for 1999, 2000, 2004 and 2015

The list is too big to fit in here, but Glenn Neely has shown a new era to the trading forecasting with his logical and world-class strategies. Today the world-class investors, money managers, and traders rely on Glenn Neely’sspecific trading advice and NeoWave’s Trading Services.

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