CNC Machining as the Preferred Prototyping Service


For most manufacturing companies the most common rapid prototyping technique is using additive technology. The best example of which is 3D printing which uses CAD dates to generate a tangible and detailed physical representation of the product is built in layers. However, when you go inside a design company you will notice that there are more CNC machines for CNC machining prototyping service than additive process.

If additive process is synonymous to prototyping, why do many companies prefer CNC machining?

One of the reasons cited by LT Century, a company that offers precision CNC machining processes is when the requirement is more than the “fit and feel” phase of prototyping, CNC machining prototyping service is the best technique for the next stage. This next stage that we are talking about refers to the more than just the basic model but must include the functionality of the final product.

In short, CNC machining prototyping service carries the prototyping requirement further than what 3D printing can do.

Using Addition and Subtraction

The demands for prototypes often extends to detailed parts that 3D printing or other additive technology can do. These parts often require tooling like molds and dies. Machining centers have the accuracy, speed and stability to do accurate machining on even thin-walled parts. CNC machining can produce many difficult 3D features and even some of the additive parts needs machining like the serial numbers of stereolithography parts.

Another reason why CNC machining is an obvious choice for prototyping services is when it comes to material properties. CNC machining prototyping services can used different materials without limit, if it is tough and can be machined. Therefore, CNC machining can produce prototypes from plastic, synthetics and wood. It is not limited to metals.

When you combined these factors together, you will understand why CNC machining has all the advantages when it comes to prototyping even if there are some barriers that it presents.

Investing on the Right Personnel

The barriers in CNC machining all boils down to having the person on the job. Machining centers must be programmed and set up by somebody who has knowledge on machines. At LT Century, personnel resources are not a problem. They cultivate them. Most of its machining employees were people they have developed to handle the machines.

The combination of their talents, the state-of-the-art machineries and cutting-edge technologies enables them to deliver quality CNC machining prototype service that are the best in the industry.

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