4 Debt Recovery Tips for Small Businesses

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys collecting debts. After all, not only are these problems generally frustrating to deal with, but it can also have negative repercussions on the financial state of the company. Especially for small businesses that are working on tight budgets. So, to ensure that you get the money that you are owed as fast as possible, here are just a few debt recovery tips that you should consider.

  1. Take a positive approach

Just because your clients aren’t paying you on time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re trying to avoid settling their bills. So instead of letting the problem stress you out, try to look into why they haven’t made any payments yet. After all, there’s a possibility that they may have just forgotten about it. And a gentle and friendly reminder following the invoice can go a long way not only in getting the money you are owed but doing so in a manner that won’t compromise your business relationship with the debtor.

  1. Gradually increase your directness

For a small business, collecting debts is a lot more complicated and trickier than some might believe. After all, you want to get paid without causing any friction between your company and your client. As such, it’s vital that you gradually increase your directness instead of going at it with an aggressive tone from the outset. Whether you choose to start with a call or send an email or a letter, always make sure to keep your correspondence helpful and positive. And if the client refuses to respond, only then should you be assertive and more direct with your approach.

  1. Utilise different platforms

In the digital age of today, dealing with debt collection concerns and handling invoicing is much easier than it ever was in the past. After all, there are several channels of communication that you can use. As such, it’s vital to utilise all platforms available. In this way, you will maximise your chances of receiving a response from your debtor a lot quicker.

  1. Call in the professionals

If after a multitude of calls as well as emails and correspondence the debtors still refuse to respond, you may want to consider hiring the services of professional debt collection agencies such as to handle the delinquent account or client for you. After all, if you focus too much on recovering the debt owed, you won’t be able to run your business successfully. And while it may sound like additional expenditure that you would rather be without, they’re well worth the investment when you consider the headaches that you’ll avoid by securing their services.

While a number of businesses place collections and receivables low on the list of priorities, debt recovery is crucial to the success of any company. After all, a business can’t sustain its operations and achieve the desired growth if it’s not receiving compensation for its products or services. And with these tips, not only will you have an easier time handling debt collection, but you’ll also avoid the negative impact that it could potentially have on your business too.


How You Can Choose the Most Appropriate Giveaways for a Trade Show or Exhibit

If you have been in business for a while, then you may already have joined a fair share of trade shows or exhibitions. And you have probably received your fair share of giveaways as well – and your haul could have included a whole range of trade show ‘staples’ such as pens, gadgets, notepads, calendars, and the like. But once the trade show or exhibition is over and done with, have you ever really made use of all the giveaways you have received? It is more likely that they have gone to the rubbish bin or a forgotten drawer in your desk.

But if you are going to have your own trade show or exhibition booth, then you also need to find the right giveaways for attendees and customers. And knowing what you know about what happens to most giveaways, what can you do to ensure that your giveaways are effective and will be used? Here, then, is how you can choose the most appropriate giveaways for a trade show or exhibit.

What you should consider

When thinking about giveaways for your event, you ultimately need to consider three main things: your objective or goal, your budget, and the number of attendees of the trade show or exhibition. When you have properly determined your budget for your giveaways and have a good idea of the number of attendees of that particular event, then you can focus on your goal and objective for your giveaways.

Establishing your giveaways’ purpose

  • If you want to get the right attention for your brand

If you would like to get attention for your brand, you could plan a demonstration; this is the perfect opportunity to provide giveaways to those who will attend your demonstration. Bottled water has often been used for this purpose, especially if the event is in an outdoor venue. Think about what your attendees would find useful, and you can probably come up with more than a few items. High-quality string bags or totes are always useful, and you can also think about giving away hand-held gadgets like fidget spinners or poppers. Other suggestions include lanyards, customised apparel such as caps and t-shirts, and disposable fans.

  • If you want to attract people to your booth

If you would like to attract people to your booth, there are some specific items that you can make effective use of as well. For this, you can opt for more unique or quirkier items, which can create prospective word-of-mouth advertisements for your brand. Some items which can definitely attract attention include food and beverages, gadgets and trinkets, mugs and tumblers, the ubiquitous bag or tote, customised clothing and apparel such as those from, and even more unique giveaways such as adult colouring books.

  • If you want attendees to spend more time at your booth

Some trade show participants are more inclined to want customers to spend more time at their booth, as this could bring in more value for them in the long run. If you feel that this should be your goal, then you need to choose your giveaways accordingly as well. With this, you can go for a more valuable or desirable giveaway combined with a game or a survey. If you can come up with some cool games which can encourage people to stay, then you’re already on the right path. Couple this with giveaways such as mugs and tumblers, high-quality bags or totes, high-quality apparel such as hoodies, socks, or hats, and even more valuable giveaways such as company products or coupons.


An overview about SIP plans

SIP is a plan that allows you to save in a regular manner, so that in terms of need you have access to surplus funds. Best sip to invest is a good idea as it enhances financial security by following a prolonged plan. Such a plan works out to be beneficial for a salaried individual where they can churn in a portion of the fund to the investment plans that can be saved for later use. Rather than spending a major portion of the salary you can set it aside and put it to use at a later date.

Research showcases the fact that only a mere 2 % of Indian population invests in mutual funds. For this reason it is important for the people to figure out the mechanisms of investing in mutual funds that paves way for a safe investment and an entry on to the investment market.

More about SIP?

The onus is on an investor to opt for a SIP plan on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The emergence of online payment system has negated the problem of SIP to a considerable extent. With the aid of online payment your SIP is deducted in an automatic manner.

As per financial experts investment in SIP is always a better idea since it is easy to handle. From your salary account a portion of the money is deducted and accumulated on to the SIP account. But to invest in mutual funds there are some benefit formula you need to consider

  • Rupee cost of averaging- the nature of investing in mutual funds seems to be a dicey affair. So based on the formula of rupee cost averaging it is better to invest in mutual funds. This means that the money you have gone on to invest will enable you to purchase more units when prices are low and when the units are high to purchase few units
  • Powers of compounding- any investment in mutual funds not only provides you viable returns in the form of savings but on your principle amount you can also end up earning compound interest. For example if you are planning to invest for 5 to 6 years, then you can benefit from investing a higher amount of money as compared to investing for 1 or 2 years. In fact this power of compounding works out to be beneficial for an investor who has made their foray into the domain of mutual funds at an early stage.

To opt for the best mutual fund plan you need to discuss with your financial expert and evaluate all the returns over the past 5 years. It is on expected lines that some funds would be performing much better than the others. Do discuss with them and obtain their view points on which type of fund would be most suitable for your needs. Even a simple search on the internet would present you with a plethora of options in terms of funds where you can plan to invest.


Simple Tips for Making Financial Investments

There are thousands of different financial products you could pick at any one time. Every other day, new variations of financial products are released into the retail market. Gustavo Dolfino, the American Investment Banker known for his no holes barred attitude, remains a pioneer in the world of securitized credit products. Gustavo is a global market professional and was CEO of multiple companies, including, but not limited to, WhiteRock Capital Inc., myKlovr, and Cancer Frontiers Inc. Gustavo held prominent leadership positions at many Wall Street firms, and worked his way to the top, literally graduating business school with less than $100 in his bank account.

Below are some simple tips from one of the industry’s greats, about how to invest your money wisely. Before deciding to put your money in a financial product, you need to keep in mind that “an investor needs to do very few things well, if he avoids the big traps, most people are tempted by” – “you do not have to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results, said American guru, Warren Buffett.

Do not invest in what you do not understand. It is one of the recommendations that Gustavo gives to all investors. Today, the average person has before him a wide range of products he can pick from – stocks, investment funds, derivatives, fixed income, etc. “Choose wisely. Get a good advisor. Do not take on unnecessary risks; don’t be tempted by outlandish promised potential returns, as they involve an amount of risk, you are likely not to be able to afford,” said Dolfino.

Therefore, it is important to understand both the characteristics of the product (expected return, risk, time horizon, liquidity) and the market in which it is traded. If it’s the stock market, you should never invest in a company without understanding the numbers in depth, according to Fidelity guru and fund manager, Peter Lynch. “The biggest losses in stocks come from companies with a weak balance sheet,” says the expert.

Know your investment profile. Once you understand the product you are interested in, you should make sure that it fits with your objectives and risk tolerance. As a general rule, if a person is not willing or able to lose a lot of money and prefers to take little risk, the investment approach should be conservative, such as AAA corporate bonds, US Treasuries, Municipal Bonds, Blue Chip Stocks, Real Estate, etc. Remember, the higher the expected return, the greater the risk assumed.

Compare all available public information. The investor should know that he has at his disposal many resources to dig into the potential investment, ranging from analyst recommendations to 10K’s and 10Q’s, Sec filings, and so on. Gustavo was quoted as saying, “annual reports constitute only one data point in the graph; you should always put the information into context; one good year does not make a company”. “If your patient shows up to the ER with a broken arm and a blocked airway, and you focus on fixing his arm, you will likely have a dead patient, with a healed arm, he added.”


Have you ever invested in bonds freshly issued?

Bonds: An introduction

Have you ever bought corporate bonds? Or for that matter of fact, infrastructure bonds? Bonds are actually made for encouraging investments which are related with a specific purpose whatsoever. Bonds are however considered to be risky investments as has been disclosed by the experts. Such investments therefore call for an advance planning, in order to be implemented.

Why are new bond issues considered to be riskier?

New bond issue is always encouraged by the issuer in order to collect fresh funds. Collection of fresh funds do call for a major planning, and hence such issuances are publicly advertised in order to be attracting the attention of the public. In order to invest in the new bond issues one needs to be very careful. It is in fact, a matter of priority, that, one should carefully go through the terms and condition of investments in case of investing in a new bond.

What are the different kinds of bonds available in the market?

As far as the Indian market goes, there are typically various categories of bonds available in the market. Examples are corporate bonds, infrastructure bonds etc.

What is the kind of return that might be expected from bonds?

Buying bonds however, yields an unexpected return only when the market situation is under control. In most of the cases, such kind of investments are subject to market risks. Therefore, even after having a lot of expectations from the market, in some cases you can have minimum returns.

What are the purposes of investing in bonds?

This is a very common question which have been raised by most of the people interested in buying bonds. Experts agree to the fact that, each and every bond issued in the market, has a specific purpose. From the socio-economic point of view bonds are understood to be debt securities which are used for social and economicalupliftments. These kind of investments help to generate jobs in the economy as well.

Issuance of new bonds: What kind of significance does it bring?

New bond issue remains to be one of the most significant acts in the economy. Bond release or issuance are encouraged by the Government, or the corporates in order to meet specific purposes. Investment in bonds signify that, you are contributing to the economy in a positive way. With your money bridges and roads are being built. At the same time if you buy corporate bonds you are significantly and consciously contributing in the growth of the businesses.


Buying bonds happen to be a new trend of investment in the contemporary market. Buying stocks can also be considered to be a form of investment, but this varies from the trend of investment in bonds. Investments in bonds are considered to be quite risky, but at the same time, can give you a satisfaction that you have contributed to the socio economic process of growth as well. Experts can assist you in buying bonds, but you need to be careful enough before you are actually making an investment.