NASDAQ TotalView Free For a Three-Month Subscription


NASDAQ is the United States listed exchange securities. In the short stock market or share market. It provides the details of the bid prices in the stock exchange list to trade the securities. In this, level 1 and level 2 are there. In the stock exchange, you can maximize your profit if you know the market information very clearly. But this level 1 and level 2 helps the subscriber to trade the best stock exchanges in the market. Now, the NASDAQ TotalView free for the three months. You can able to see the top-listed shares and the bid price.

Benefits of the subscription

The expense is smaller in Nasdaq. The main goal is to make more capital to develop growth. So, for the cost-efficient, it is best to choose. You can able to see all the stocks on the web page. It listed equities and ETFs. You can trade individually with nobody’s help. The top traded list will be mentioned on the page. So, you will get the basic ideas of what to trade. It will be useful for the beginners of the share market. The NASDAQ TotalView free is very beneficial, where you can see all the traded items. The level 2 advance where the order book of stocks will be there. It will show the arrayed list of the best shares and prices. It will furnish you with the penetration to purchase the shares. You can able to see

  • highest bid price
  • lowest ask price
  • Bid sizes
  • Ask sizes in detail.

What level is best?

The choosing of the level depends on the traders. Even level 1 provides all the essential stock details. The price and bidding price, the size and last price, size is shown by level 1 itself. If the trader satisfies this information, then subscribing to level 1 itself is enough for them. For some traders, they need additional information to purchase the stocks. It will be useful for the short term traders who are eager to get more profit with the short term. For the beginners of the traders, the level 1 is sufficient. As you started to trade more and more, then you can add level 2 with it. If you are a subscriber to Nasdaq, now you can watch your trading list to the level 2 advance level. The NASDAQ TotalView free for the subscribers of the Nasdaq.

Information is wealth. Stock market information is essential for traders. It can be for the beginner as well as the existing traders. Based on the details, only they can trade the shares. The quality of the details is important. So, you can subscribe to the website, which is providing quality details. You can check the NASDAQ TotalView cost before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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