How to Manage Your Finances Successfully

Whether you’re looking to buy something or save up for your future, financial management is the key to reach your goals. It is also an excellent way to improve your current financial situation – from lowering any existing debts to elevating your credit score. And to help you begin your journey to financial security, we’ve listed some best practices and techniques in this article to keep you from spending more than is necessary and increase your savings as a result.

  1. Determine your goals

Before you begin the process of managing your finances, you must first start by determining your objectives, both short-term and long-term. This could include trips to different countries, investing in real estate, or setting up funds to cover your retirement. The reason why it is critical to lay your aims out is not only because it will direct the way you can save money but it will also help encourage you to persevere, even through trying times. Once the aforementioned goals have been established, you’ll need to prioritize each one. Through this methodical process, you will make sure that all of them are addressed equally.

  1. Create a plan

Financial goals may give direction, but you’ll still need a plan if you want to achieve them. And you can start by setting up milestones. For instance, you can create a budget for yourself every month that includes how much you can afford to save. You may have to sacrifice certain things to ensure that you meet your goals, and an excellent way to do this is by gradually increasing your savings instead of setting an unreasonable amount from the outset. In this way, you will keep yourself from using the money you have managed to save on non-essentials.

  1. Learn to shop

One of the reasons why many of us spend a lot more than we need to is that we tend to buy on impulse. Instead, you must learn to explore every avenue first for what you need – be it products or services – before you make a financial commitment. You’re less likely to find money-saving deals like discounts and special promotions if you don’t actively look for them, after all. And as tedious as it might sound, doing so can go a long way in helping you save money.

  1. Invest in professional services

Financial management can be complicated, especially when there are too many variables involved. It is for this reason that it is always worth considering professional services like those provided by Fingerprint Financial Planning. Not only can these experts help you reach your financial goals quicker, but you’ll also avoid a lot of trouble by hiring their services too.

Successfully managing your finances to meet your goals doesn’t always have to be a colossal undertaking. And by establishing your objectives, creating a plan, learning how to shop around and compare prices, and investing in professional services, you’ll be able to achieve the desired outcome.


Manage Your Money with a Qualified Accountant

Managing your money is no easy task, especially if you are a business owner. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own. It’s easy to get help by hiring an accountant to help you keep your money in check, grow your business, and more.

An accountant isn’t just there to keep track of your money. In fact, they are also there to advise you in anything that concerns finances. They will also make sure you are paying the least amount of taxes possible while looking for ways to help increase your profits.

Benefits of Getting an Accountant

There are dozens of benefits to hiring an accountant aside from the fact that they can manage your time for you. These benefits include:

  • Saving you time
  • Saving you money
  • Growing your business
  • Helping with taxes

As you can see, accountants in Romford are more than willing and able to help you reach your financial goals.

Different Types of Services

An accountant is also there to guide you through the difficult process of filing your taxes. They can also lend their support in terms of audits, personal tax returns, business tax returns, running company accounts, and more.

Do not let your finances fall by the wayside, especially if you run or own a business. Call a professional accountant to help you get control of your finances without having to stress yourself out.


Tax returns: Plans for Your Submissions Made Easy

Over time, the numerous amendments inserted in the text of the 6th Directive finally make the unstructured text and complex to read. To remedy this state of affairs, the European Commission proposed in 2004 a new text which, in its own words, “codifies the current provisions without modifying the legislation in force. The changes in structure and presentation are aimed only at improving quality. of the text. The substance of the latter is not modified in any way.

Among the subsequent modifications, we note the directive of 12 February 2008 (2008/8 / CE) which modifies, in order to simplify the previous rules, the “place of supply of services” (that is to say the rules of territoriality previously defined by Directive 2006/112 / EC of 28 November 2006 with regard to the provision of services). This directive entered into force on January 1, 2010.

Current situation in the European Union: unfinished harmonization

Although the 6th Directive, to a large extent, the common harmonized system of taxes on sales, many disparities between Member States:

In many areas, the directive leaves the Member States the choice between different options, which necessarily lead to different applications according to national customs and predilections. Using the tax return calculator is essential.

There are differences in interpretation of Community texts between Member States, leading above all to cases of non-taxation or double taxation of the same transaction. In this context, the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities has already played – and will continue to play – a standardizing role of prime importance.

  • Adaptation of the habits of each country: the Czech Republic had to raise its VAT rates from 5% to 22% on catering and telephone services when it joined the European Union.
  • Requests for exemption from governments wishing to use a reduction in VAT to revive economic activity. The Polish Parliament passed shortly before joining a VAT exemption on providing Internet access to individuals who, a priori, seems contrary to the provisions of the 6th

The unpopularity of the Commission in the eyes of taxpayers when their national government cannot directly lower the VAT rate, even if it is the Member States themselves who have unanimously decided to do so!

The wish of member states to be able to freely conduct their fiscal policy, which is frequently recognized as one of the last ramparts of national sovereignty.

Great Solutions Ahead

In order to solve above all the problems mentioned above, the Commission of the European Communities continues to regularly submit draft directives designed to improve the operation of VAT such as making it pay in the country where the goods are marketed and not at the place where it is acquired. These proposals are nevertheless complex to pass, any decision of the Council of Ministers of the European Union requiring the unanimity of the Member States to be adopted. The scope of VAT is defined in two ways: on the one hand by transactions subject to VAT and on the other hand by the rules of territoriality.


Pandemic: How tax management can help you resume business?

Many cities in the country begin an economic opening, after more than two months of social isolation, a measure adopted to face COVID-19. In this moment of reopening, budget planning that includes strategies for tax redemption can be fundamental to the financial health of your business. Income tax calculator has as main objective the improvement of the accounting, financial and managerial organization of the business, with the effect of legally reducing tax costs.

In compliance with legal parameters, without setting up tax evasion, it is possible to increase your company’s earnings, whether with increased profits, greater investment capacity, or even obtaining a more competitive final price for your product or service. Proper tax planning implies better financial management of the business. However, it is advisable that the planning is done by a competent professional and accompanied by a Compliance program, thus avoiding the risk of fines coming from the supervisory bodies.

Small and large businesses

The size of the company and the tax regime adopted may interfere with the characteristics of the tax management implemented. For example, one way of doing this work is to simulate the amounts that would be collected if the company opted for another tax regime, in order to assess whether the current framework is the most financially advantageous.

Whether it is a small or large business, tax planning is important especially in times of crisis, especially in the review of previously paid taxes and the possibility of refunding amounts eventually overpaid. However, in order to reassess the taxes collected, it is essential to have the assistance of a trained professional, since a reduction in the total amount collected may awaken the tax authorities for eventual inspection. Therefore, choosing the right tax regime for your business is essential. So, talk to your accountant, analyze the possibilities and decide whether it’s time to change or not.

Controlling cash flow

Cash flow is an important organizational tool that allows you to have more control of your expenses. Paying all taxes correctly and intelligently, reducing costs, benefiting from tax exemptions or benefits, having predictability in budgeting and focusing your attention on making strategic and correct decisions do not generate any other possible result but the highlight in the market of performance. For this, it is necessary that you have a team of lawyers and accountants who know how to do tax planning for your company, directing it to the best possible alternatives towards success with regard to tax issues.

Investing in tax management is a decision that does not involve only tax obligations. In fact, it sets up a support on which you will expand your company. Deficient tax management may put the entire business structure at risk, while well-planned planning allows for robust and consistent growth, above the market average.


South African Krugerrand Gold Coins

South African Gold Krugerrand has the richest history in the world of gold coins. It is a 22-karrat coin weighing almost 33.93 grams. It comprised of 2.86 gram of copper alloy which makes it durable and resistant to scratching while one troy ounce of pure gold. This coin has thickness of 2.74mm and a diameter of 32.6mm. There was a time when Gold Krugerrand was only choice for private investment. We will be talking all about its rich history and coin from investment point of view. So, let’s start, South African Gold Krugerrand has a complex history. Debuted in 1967 the coin was used by the South African government to promote precious metal, gold and gem reserves in the country. However, the Krugerrand became the first modern gold bullion coin which was used as private investment. This coin is 1 ounce with 22-karrat gold content having total weight of 33.93 gram and the current Krugerrand gold coin price is $1902 USD / $2654 AUD.

Although it became popular but in 1970sits availability suffered a lot because of western economic sanctions. Since at this time south Africa was ruled by white minority government therefor systems were out in place so that native black population could not control land or could represent themselves. As a result, to break free South Africa from this system western governments adopted hard boycott policies for south African goods. Even though the Krugerrand was able to get out of south Africa and into hand of north Americans but other gold coins which westerns could have buy was suffered due to which the Krugerrand demand sky rocketed from 1967 to 1979 and about 22 million of them were sold in this period and it was after 1979 that other coins were introduced in the market

One of the most recognizable and oldest gold bullion coin in the world today is Krugerrand Gold coin, carrying with its qualities of portability, investment liquidity and beauty. While a vast number of gold coins are available worldwide today, South African Krugerrands have the legacy of being the first one troy ounce gold bullion coin issued as “Legal Tender” and valued based its gold content intrinsic value, rather than the face value. Let’s talk from investor point of view. Today Krugerrand is considered as one of the most recognizable and oldest gold bullion coin. It has all those qualities that an investor looks for in a coin. Liquidity, beauty and portability. Did you know that, among all the other coins in the market, Krugerrand was the first coin issued as “Legal Tender” by the government and its value is based on its intrinsic value rather than face value which is makes it a great opportunity from investor point of view. You can visit the Gold News website for more information on South African and global investment coins.

Like other coins, Krugerrand is released in special proof edition only for coin collector. Any Coin collector will love this coin since the past rich history makes this coin un resistible to buy. This coin has smooth mirror like finishing and is considered more valuable than other coins. Proof edition coins mostly trade at more premium as compare to their counterparts. This is why they should be handled with care and precautions taken to maintain their condition.