What is Bitcoin? Is it reliable?


Before starting this all we must know what is a bitcoin? You may know this but I am repeating that a bitcoin is the crypto-currency that is the most talked about now. Created in 2008 by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto ( it would be a pseudonym ), its use quickly became popular on the web. Four years after its launch, a bitcoin was valued at more than a thousand dollars

Is Bitcoin reliable?

This is the most asked question by potential users of virtual currency. They do not know the technology behind the BTC yet. It makes sense that they ask the question..

Indeed, the question has two answers. One answer is about the technology behind bitcoin. This is the blockchain.

Bitcoin uses open source software. This software is accessible to everyone and completely transparent. Those who want to know more, can consult several websites on the internet, because the operation of this technology was completely published online. Anyone can view this information.

The BTC not only captures the imagination of the potential user, but also that of coders, mathematicians, ethical hackers or hackers and other experts who have been analyzing bitcoin for years now. So you can be sure that the technology behind the currency is completely secure.

Indeed, technology is so reliable because it was developed on the basis of verifiable mathematical principles.

So, hacking stories are not true?
We told you above that bitcoin technology is completely reliable. Nevertheless, we hear more and more stories of platforms and exchanges that were hacked.

The fact that the developer uses a pseudonym and that there are users who use the BTC for shady and often criminal activities, brings to the number of worries and questions. This does not give a reliable impression.

It is more related to the behavior of some users and has nothing to do with the original technology. Those who analyze bitcoin technology, discover that it is certainly more secure than the security measures that are taken by banks.

Everyone who is part of the bitcoin project knows the source code. This code is continuously saved by all its people. Those who try to defraud are directly reported.

How is the control?

The complete bitcoin network is controlled by more than 10,000 computers. Together, they check all transactions.

This procedure is opposite to that of traditional banks. This decentralized system ensures that hackers have no chance.

He or she is also immediately reported. The hacking we talked about happened on external platforms and not in the blockchain itself.

Another aspect that is the responsibility of the users is the cryptomonnaise holders. They are not part of the blockchain. You are responsible for your own wallet.

If you are reckless, you are the manager and not the bitcoin technology, because the technology is approved and reliable.

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