Ways to Fix Tabs on Your Website if They Seem Confusing


You need to be cautious about how you upload information on the website. You want to make it easy for anyone to know the details. If you try to use the website and you also feel confused with the tabs, perhaps you need to do something about it.

Remove some tabs

You don’t need to use several main tabs if they will only make the site confusing. Perhaps, you can merge some of them and make one a subset of another. If the information is irrelevant, you can completely remove it from the site.

Avoid using too many sub-tabs

You also have to be careful about using different sub-tabs under the main tab. No one wants to keep digging until they get the information needed. You can place the same information under the same file if necessary.

Create a different site

If your main website has a blog where you upload articles related to your products, you can create a completely different site out of it. Your primary page will only contain information people want to know if they will purchase products right away. They can click the blog tab and move to a new page if they want to dig deeper into the information you give. Apart from blogs, you can also have a different page for photo galleries, videos and other heavy files.

Rearrange the tabs

You can rearrange the tabs in alphabetical order to make it easy to find what people want. You can also rearrange them in order of importance. For instance, if you want to make people buy right away, you need to highlight the tab for ordering products.

Survey your target audience

You might want to send a survey form to those customers who visit your site. You can obtain more details from them on how they feel about exploring the page. You can obtain more information on what else you can do to improve the page. Be open to their suggestions since they will benefit from any changes you implement.

Reduce the content

You need to reassess everything that you have uploaded over the years. Some of the details might not be relevant anymore. Others might seem outdated. Therefore, you have to decide which of them to remove from the site. You can rearrange the page when you have less content.

Ask for help from a web designer

When you already have an idea of how to revamp your website, you can ask a web designer for help. You don’t want to deal with all the complexities of web design alone. Besides, your ideas could still be better with the help of a web design expert. You can look for website design Oxford offers if you want a quick change in your website and for it to be more appealing to your target audience.

After doing these changes, you have to consider doing them again after a while. Check how people respond and follow their suggestions.

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