Primary reasons for a Business Loan Disapproval


Business Loan is an indispensable needful for innovative Businesses, Businesses expecting expansion and businesses that encounter the need for higher Business transactions from time to time. More often than not, only 20% of the Business Loan applications stumble upon approval statement and the rest of the applications shoved rejection. There could be a range of secondary reasons for a Business Application to bump into Disapproval; however, primary reasons are always the one that could have been fixed at the time. The following depicted primary reasons will only lead to the Business Loan disapproval either you are reaching any bank, financial Institution, Corporation, professional Lender or Angel Investor—

Non-impressive Business Credit Score

To have a Business credit card is not enough for a Businessman to grasp business loan opportunities because of rating in the context of respective Business Credit card matters. That rating is called Business Credit Score. A Business Credit Score puts forward the history of repayment of loans taken, the ability of the Businessman to payback, Businessman’s control and maintenance of business loan instalments and behavior towards the fixed terms & conditions related to the previous Business Loans. The depiction of any negative behaviour from the Businessman’s side of the tunnel leads to non-impressive Business Credit score. And, a bad business credit score equals to enhanced risk on the panel of the lender. In such conditions, lender turns down the Business loan application to disapproval.

Start-up/Fresher into the field of Entrepreneurship

You may hold an incredible knowledge of Business, Global & Local market, and an amazing Business Idea, however, if you are starting Business from zero stage—Business Start up Loan is almost impossible to get hold of. The reason for the above statement is, no bank or financial institution may put its money into an unavoidable risk akin to Start-up as there exists only 50% probability of Business (Start-up) to catch growth and the rest is calculable. In this situation, it is recommendable for the Entrepreneur to strengthen its creditability before putting Business Loan application into the process. Except some financial institution might consider business start up loan for new business starters.

To propound Incompetent Collateral

Collateral is an Asset in the name of Business or Businessman that is proposed to the lender in exchange for secured Business Loan. In case, the Loan taker (Businessman) fails to repay the loan money according to the given terms & conditions, the lender has right to take over the collateral proposed and recover the loan amount. Indeed, collateral being competent enough grants satisfaction of being secured to the lender and the Business loan effortlessly lead to approval, vice versa into disapproval. It is advisable for one to match the criteria of the lender on the subject of Collateral, otherwise!

To propound Incompetent Business Plan

A profitable Business Plan is all a lender needs to hear before he/she approves respective Business Loan Application. Until or unless, your Business Plan is competent enough, do not rush into proposing it to the lenders, you will only be losing your chances. A competent Business plan is—a plan that promises automatic loan repayment, growth at pace, and innovation. Your Lender may research market’s conditions and the competitiveness of your Business Plan, if the potential is less, Business Plan is a fall short. In order to avoid this, you can try to manipulate your Business Plan in such a way that it communicates excellent outcomes, proper repayment of Loan and success in the competitive Global & local market.

Doubtful Documentation

Business Loan Documentation is more often a task that must be fulfilled with complete perfection and in accordance with the requirements of the lender. Omission, Edition, or misplacement of any document is a hindrance to the Business Loan application approval process. The most common documents a lender may ask for—financial statements, bank statements, income tax return statements and detailed Business plan. A complete analysis is done from the lender’s side of the tunnel. Any document information that miss-matches the information in relation to another document can create behaviour of suspense for the lender and Business Loan may lead to disapproval right away. Or, one may be asked for re-documentation.

“PEST Factors, wrong economy trend, and incompetent cash flow have also been the chief reasons for Business Loan disapproval.”

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