How You Can Choose the Most Appropriate Giveaways for a Trade Show or Exhibit


If you have been in business for a while, then you may already have joined a fair share of trade shows or exhibitions. And you have probably received your fair share of giveaways as well – and your haul could have included a whole range of trade show ‘staples’ such as pens, gadgets, notepads, calendars, and the like. But once the trade show or exhibition is over and done with, have you ever really made use of all the giveaways you have received? It is more likely that they have gone to the rubbish bin or a forgotten drawer in your desk.

But if you are going to have your own trade show or exhibition booth, then you also need to find the right giveaways for attendees and customers. And knowing what you know about what happens to most giveaways, what can you do to ensure that your giveaways are effective and will be used? Here, then, is how you can choose the most appropriate giveaways for a trade show or exhibit.

What you should consider

When thinking about giveaways for your event, you ultimately need to consider three main things: your objective or goal, your budget, and the number of attendees of the trade show or exhibition. When you have properly determined your budget for your giveaways and have a good idea of the number of attendees of that particular event, then you can focus on your goal and objective for your giveaways.

Establishing your giveaways’ purpose

  • If you want to get the right attention for your brand

If you would like to get attention for your brand, you could plan a demonstration; this is the perfect opportunity to provide giveaways to those who will attend your demonstration. Bottled water has often been used for this purpose, especially if the event is in an outdoor venue. Think about what your attendees would find useful, and you can probably come up with more than a few items. High-quality string bags or totes are always useful, and you can also think about giving away hand-held gadgets like fidget spinners or poppers. Other suggestions include lanyards, customised apparel such as caps and t-shirts, and disposable fans.

  • If you want to attract people to your booth

If you would like to attract people to your booth, there are some specific items that you can make effective use of as well. For this, you can opt for more unique or quirkier items, which can create prospective word-of-mouth advertisements for your brand. Some items which can definitely attract attention include food and beverages, gadgets and trinkets, mugs and tumblers, the ubiquitous bag or tote, customised clothing and apparel such as those from, and even more unique giveaways such as adult colouring books.

  • If you want attendees to spend more time at your booth

Some trade show participants are more inclined to want customers to spend more time at their booth, as this could bring in more value for them in the long run. If you feel that this should be your goal, then you need to choose your giveaways accordingly as well. With this, you can go for a more valuable or desirable giveaway combined with a game or a survey. If you can come up with some cool games which can encourage people to stay, then you’re already on the right path. Couple this with giveaways such as mugs and tumblers, high-quality bags or totes, high-quality apparel such as hoodies, socks, or hats, and even more valuable giveaways such as company products or coupons.

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