How to find Exchange Rates Online


Have you ever wondered if there was a good website to show you everything you need to know about exchange rates? Perhaps you’re looking how to find exchange rates online, or maybe another query about foreign currency rates?

Why not take a look at Exchange Rates, widely considered  as “the UK’s favourite currency site”?

Here’s just a few reasons why it is one of the better sites for exchange rates online.

Exchange rate calculator

Have you ever checked those websites showing online exchange rates , only to be disappointed by needing to calculate further? It’s one thing to list all the available foreign currency rates online, but another thing altogether to be able to use that rate in a meaningful way.

For example, if you have to note the exchange rate, then manually enter itinto a smartphone or calculator, not only is it an extra few steps of work but the chance of a transposition error (mistakenly entering the wrong data) is quite high.

Far better then to offer an online currency calculator, where you can enter the amount to be converted and then display the correct answer.

Foreign currency exchange rates history

Sometimes, you don’t actually need today’s current exchange rate, but rather what the currency rate was one day, one week, or even a month ago. Perhaps you’re submitting expenses for a past business trip and need to convert local currency spent into a different currency?

Most currency rate online listings only list today’s rates, so are rather limited in usefulness if you’re looking for historical currency exchange rates.

Currency news

As well as looking for today’s currency rates online, any relevant news stories or information about ForEx could be useful for many visitors too. For example, if you’re investing in ForEx, knowing the latest news could be beneficial in making investment judgement calls.

Widest range of exchange rates online

One factor often overlooked by the lesser foreign currency rates online providers is to display a wide range of currencies. Whilst GBP, EUR, USD etc. are the most popular and common currencies, the best currency websites list other currencies such as CHF, INR, ZAR, AED, AUD, NZD etc. prominently on the homepage.

Live rates and graphs

For serious users of currency rates websites, it’s vital to have live and clear data displayed at all times. Some websites often have out-of-date currency rates, or don’t even display graphs, so visitors often have to hunt around (or wait) for data, potentially adversely affecting their decision-making.

Conclusion: find exchange rates online by using the best websites

Clearly, the best online currency exchange websites are those that show the information as listed above, in a comprehensive and clear manner.

Whatever your needs, rest assured if you choose how to find exchange rates online by following our tips above, you will find the best currency rates websites.

Why not check out exchange rates online today, and see why you’ve probably been missing out previously?

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