How social media can benefit your small business


How social media can benefit your small business

When starting your small business there is a lot to consider and often your presence on social media can become an afterthought. However, a good public relations  strategy involves using social media to reach your potential customers in ways traditional media cannot.

Here are some social media tips to benefit your business.


Algorithms control what users first see when they log onto social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They sort content based off information they collect about a user’s interaction within the social platform, as well as on other websites. Algorithms in social media platforms collect all sorts of information about users, such as their age, gender, interests, what websites they visit often and which social media profiles they interact with. If you pay for a sponsored post, the social media platform will ensure it ends up in the social feed of someone who fits your targeted demographic.


Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the hash symbol (#). Hashtags in social media allow users to find and interact with your posted content. When a user searches a specific word of phrase in the search bar and your post contains the word as a hashtag, it should show up in the results. It is important to keep hashtags short and relevant to what someone may be searching on the platform.

Engagement Opportunities

Unlike traditional media such as television and radio, you can engage with your audience and get an instant understanding as to whether they like what you’re posting or not. You can see how many likes and comments your post is getting and establish how successful it was based off these numbers. You can also reply to comments and direct messages instantly and keep your targeted audience informed and engaged.

Social media management can be an effective way to ensure your small business is practicing good public relations through engaging with and building your audience and clients.

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