Challenges Faced by a Service-Based Business


Service-based businesses are growing more popular each year. This is because more and more people want to hire on-demand specialists to help them with various tasks. If you’re also planning to run a service-based company, you need to learn about the different challenges that you might face along the way. By being able to set your expectations, you can take control of various situations with greater ease.

Having a consistent and reliable communication

One of the critical things you need to work on is establishing a stable and consistent communication line. This will help you eliminate issues when dealing with a project or monitoring the location and progress of a dispatched specialist. You can choose from a variety of communication tools, including Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack and Messenger.

Organising tasks and workforce

If you have more than five specialists, it can be incredibly hard to monitor how everyone is doing. This is why you may need to use a project management tool. This type of tech solution can help you designate tasks and take control of your workforce better. Job management software from companies like comes with features that allow you to stop tasks, follow up requests and manage your specialist’s scheduled tasks.

Investing in a good quality software will also help you manage accounts better. You can standardise your approach to ensure that your entire team follows a reliable and organised procedure.

Setting the expectation of the client

A lot of customers tend to be highly demanding. Hence, you need to ensure that you help them manage their expectations by providing ample information about the service. Utilise your terms and conditions page to explain how your company handles business. Include the standard waiting time for specialists, customer support contact details, and even refund or rebooking policies.

You should also create a detailed FAQs page to provide customers with information on how to deal with common problems.

Making sure that your workers always deliver quality results

The success of a serviced-based business depends on a lot of things. One of which is your team’s ability to deliver exceptional results. You need to ensure that your customers are always satisfied with the services; otherwise, you will get a lot of negative comments online, most especially on your Google My Business listing, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To ensure that your specialists deliver impressive deals, you may need to constantly monitor customer feedback, provide training to your specialists and increase collaboration amongst different departments.

It’s not easy to run any type of business. There are many risks involved, so it’s essential to have a sound and detailed strategy in mind. Aside from the challenges enumerated above, see to it that you also look at other potential issues that may arise. Create back up plans for each major issue so you can take charge of the situation with composure.

What do you think are the other problems that may arise while operating a service-based business? How will you be able to change the situation? If you don’t have answers to both questions, take time to re-evaluate your plan.

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