What Happens If You Go to Court?

WORST CASE SCENARIO: THE INSURANCE companies might decide to deny your claim completely. Perhaps they don’t believe you. Or they don’t believe their own insured client was at fault. Whatever the reason, this is not good news for you.

And even if they do believe you and do accept their own client is at fault… if you’re looking at a serious injury, in my experience insurers always try to hammer down the amount you’ll receive.
In either situation, you’ll have to decide whether to take your case to court. Although that sounds scary and terribly serious, you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. In most cases, the insurance companies like, are testing your resolve as a tactic to enable them to get the settlement they want.
In fact, statistics for personal injury cases taken to court in USA consistently show 98% of them settle before any court hearing and without a word of evidence being heard. So, it’s highly unlikely you’ll go near a court.

However, at this stage you will really feel the benefits (or the disadvantages) of your choice of lawyer. A good specialist personal injury lawyer will already have the folder of evidence and witness statements, which puts you in a strong position to litigate and negotiate.

The Court Pleadings Stage

You can now take direct action against the at-fault driver’s insurers. That means any court action can be against Loyal insurance (for example), not against a named driver. This is particularly important if the other driver is a member of your family and you don’t want them named in proceedings.
The insurance company won’t be instructing High Street solicitors from the town where their client lives. They already have good relationships with legal firms which specialize in defending claims — and those are the firms they will instruct.
Each side will exchange the written versions of what you and the other driver say happened. You must make sure your account is absolutely accurate. The court will then fix a hearing date, generally around nine months to a year or so after proceedings have been raised. Your lawyer will tell you the date as early as possible so you can keep it clear.

The Court Settlement Meeting

You should expect your lawyer to shore up your case by checking all witness statements and gathering documentary evidence from the defender or third parties before the hearing. They’ll get a court order to do this if necessary.
The final four weeks before the court hearing date will be very busy. First comes the court-appointed settlement hearing. Both sets of lawyers are must meet face-to-face to discuss the case with cards on the table, to explore settlement possibilities.
You’ll have to be available to give your lawyer telephone instructions about any settlement offers.

The Civil Proof

A trial judge will hear all the evidence and testimony in the case and then decide if you’re entitled to compensation — and if so, how much. By this time, neither lawyer will have control of the case — but the focus, trial experience, and expertise of a specialist trial lawyer will tilt matters in your favor.
The judge will issue a written judgment, probably within around three months of the hearing date. Either side may appeal against that judgment within specified time limits.

Action Points

It’s extremely unlikely your case will make it all the way to court, but just in case:
• Make sure everything you say about your accident is scrupulously accurate and honest
• Be available to give your lawyer instructions about any settlement offers during the court settlement meeting
• You (or the other driver) will be able to appeal against the judgment if you don’t agree with it
You can see how useful a good specialist personal injury lawyer will be. It’s not just a case of navigating the complicated legal ground — it’s about understanding the whole process deeply enough to get the best possible outcome for you.
To do that, you need an independent lawyer with a great track record. But how do you choose?

Remember: a good personal injury lawyer knows his way around the courts and will navigate you through the whole process.
For instance, Viking insurance company simply want your case off their hands as cheaply as possible — and threatening to drag you to court is simply a tactic.
You do not have to accept the lawyer your insurance company suggests — it’s probably about a referral fee and not a badge of quality. If you are in any doubt, ask the insurers direct if they have any tie-up or are receiving a referral fee from the lawyers they’re recommending.
Instead, find your own specialist personal injury lawyer. Someone who’s fully on your side.
If you’re involved in an accident and there are injuries, get in touch with immediately for a no- obligation chat.


What to Expect for Medicare Part D Premiums in 2019

Medicare Part D refers to the optional prescription drug coverage that many get to supplement the Parts A and B of Original Medicare. Every year, you can probably expect changes to Medicare Part D prescription plan coverage, and it’s no different in the coming 2019.

If you subscribe to a Part D plan, here are some changes that you should anticipate:

Lower Premiums

This may be a surprise for some, as every year we tend to see that prices of premiums always go up. However, new CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) policies have been enacted as part of a broader HHS (Health and Human Services) to lower the cost of prescription drugs for patients.

In 2018, the average premium for Part D plans is $33.59 per month. That’s expected to slightly go down to $32.19 on average for 2019. It may not be much, but at least it’s a reduction.

However, those who earn at least half a million dollars a year will have their Part B and Part premiums increase by about 85%.

Deductibles Will Increase

The deductible is what you have to pay for yourself before the insurance plan kicks in and pays for part of the expenses. The current standard deductible for 2018 is $405, and that will be $415 in 2019.

This isn’t surprising, as the standard initial deductible was $400 in 2017, $360 in 2016, and $320 in 2016. An increase of $10 is definitely better than a $40 jump in deductibles.

Greater Initial Coverage Limit

In 2018, the coverage limit is $3,750 and for 2019 it will increase by $70 to $3,820. At least now you have a greater limit before you enter the “donut hole” Part D coverage gap, at which point you pay a lot more for prescription drugs.

Enhanced “Donut Hole” Coverage for Generic and Brand Name Drugs

The good news is that for 2019 you will pay somewhat less for your generic drugs. The 56% discount for generics in 2018 will become 63% in 2019. The generic drug purchases will also count as part of your out-of-pocket spending limit for 2019.

For brand name medications, the discount for 2019 will be 75% off retail. This means you pay for just 25% of the original cost of the brand name drug. In addition, the new policies also specify that 95% of the cost of the drug will be applied to your out-of-pocket spending limit.

So if the brand name drug costs $100, you only pay $25. Yet your spending limit total will be credited with a payment of $95 for that drug.

Greater Total Out-Of-Pocket Cost

The total out-of-pocket cost is the amount you reach in payments after which the insurance plan increases the percentage of its payments for prescription drugs. Right now this cost limit is $5,000 but in 2019 it will be increased slightly to $5,100.

Higher Catastrophic Coverage

Exiting the “donut hole” gap lets you into the catastrophic coverage stage of your Part D plan. For 2019, the costs of the drugs in this stage will be slightly higher. In 2018, you have to pay at least $8.35 for a brand name drug but in 2019 the price will be at least $8.50. For generic drugs, the 2018 price of $3.35 per drug will be slightly raised to $$3.40 per drug.

You should monitor the news regarding any other changes to Medicare plans that may be enacted this year for the coming 2019. CMS will post the final standard premium rates for all Medicare health plans by around September of 2018.


Is Your General Insurance Right For You

Life is a blessing and amidst all the excitement there may be some unpleasant events you often have no control over. Such untoward and unexpected incidents can often result in emotional and financial setbacks. While emotional disturbance is something that takes time to settle down, you can look ahead and indemnify the losses to help you tide through financial emergencies.

Casualties also revolve around things such as home, car, loan, health, travel, and other forms of insurance relevant to commercial and industrial sectors. Any type of insurance other than life insurance falls into the bracket of general insurance. Your valuables often run financial risks and the non-life insurance plans offer financial security from fire, storm, theft, earthquakes, car/two-wheeler accidents, and other travel-related risks.

While life insurance protects against the risk of death of you or your loved ones and the financial debacles thereof, general insurance offers protection to the other aspects of life and personal assets.

Why Should You Buy General Insurance Online?

The internet has taken over the world with a storm and it was just a matter of time that the insurance industry would create a strong presence in the virtual world. While insurance companies are able to reach their target audience much better on the internet, there are also many advantages policy owners enjoy when buying the latest general insurance plans online.

· No Paperwork and Documentation

With no physical documentation required when you purchase a policy online, the process is faster and you don’t need to wait in long queues. You can weigh your options and purchase a plan that provides a suitable cover from the comfort of your home.

· Cheaper Premium Rates

Offline or physical purchase of general insurance policies involves dealing with agents who get paid for each sale in the form of commission from insurance companies. Agents can sometimes get pushy in their efforts of closing a sale and such situations can be avoided when you choose to purchase online.

When you buy online, you deal directly with the insurance company that may pass on the cost benefit to customers in the form of cheaper premiums. Besides, the lack of processing and distribution costs also brings down the premium, resulting in savings for the customer.

· Informed Purchase Decisions

Insurance portals such as help you draw a comparison of policy offerings from several companies so that you are able to make an intelligent choice, based on your specific needs and situation.

· Secure Transactions

When you make a payment on the portal of a reputed general insurance service provider, you get the assurance of security if it employs a trusted payment gateway that encrypts your personal information and keeps it safe from unscrupulous use. Clarify any doubts you may have about online payment with your service provider.

· Accuracy of Information

When you personally fill out your insurance policy form online, chances of errors are less as compared to an agent filling it out for you offline. In case you are trying to make a claim and there are errors in the information the agent fills on your behalf, it may result in the claim being rejected altogether.

· Renewal of Policy

Online integration of your policy makes sure you get renewal reminders so that not a single day goes without the insurance umbrella. Renewal is simple and you can do it with just a handful of clicks of the mouse!

Buying a policy online avoids the need to make trips back and forth to the insurance company’s office, thus, saving time and money. Online application and renewals also benefit your service provider for it cuts down the need for manual intervention and saves manpower. Online or offline, the choice is yours and depends on what suits you the best.

Is Your Insurance Provider Right For You?

Having realised the importance of insurance and the financial security it gives in the event of contingencies, you’ve decided to opt for a suitable general insurance policy but how do you know if the insurance provider is the right one?

  • If your insurance service provider enjoys a healthy reputation in the market, you can trust the company to cover you in contingency situations. Do a little research offline or online to know the history and track record of the company.
  • Checking the official website of the company gives a fair idea of the insurance establishment, its tie-ups, TPAs (particularly important for health insurance), investors, and partners.
  • A simple claim process is important. For example, if your vehicle gets involved in an accident or theft, an immediate intimation to the service provider should initiate the claim process. Likewise, if it’s a medical emergency or planned hospitalisation, intimating the Mediclaim Company and TPA within a pre-determined timeframe should make you eligible for cashless hospitalisation if your policy mentions such a clause.
  • Read reports on the financial strength of the company so that you are sure it is capable of settling claims, should there be a need.
  • If online facilities of purchase, renewal, claim intimation, and policy management are important to you, choose a company that has a well-established internet presence helping you stay connected with them anytime, anywhere.
  • 24/7 helpline support is good to have to be able to get in touch with the company anytime. Text notifications on phone for policy changes and renewal reminders are also some services you can look for.

Ending Note

Insurance needs vary from one individual to another and it’s very important to ascertain what works for you in your situation. Having figured that out, you can always seek the best term plan general insurance quote from a trusted service provider after weighing its services on the points chalked out here.


Ensure the protection of your vehicle by purchasing motorbike insurance

No one can predict when they will have to face a critical situation therefore it is always better to be prepared to face the situation. Today most of the individuals are not aware of the importance of motorbike insurance hence they do not purchase insurance for their motorbike. Eventually they are supposed to face many problems when they get into any trouble. For example, imagine that you are driving your bike and meet with an accident unexpectedly. In such situation, your vehicle may get damaged or the other person’s vehicle may be damaged. However, you will definitely face a financial problem. If you have purchase motorbike insurance, you can easily manage the situation and cover the expenses by claiming insurance.

Why motorbike insurance?

Those who are purchasing a motorbike for the first time will definitely have no idea about why they should purchase insurance for their motorbike. This is being a common thing among many people in the present days. However, as it is mentioned already the main purpose of purchasing an insurance policy is to cover the financial needs in the critical situation. If you damage your vehicle or the third person’s vehicle, you can utilize the insurance and claim the amount to settle the repair expenses. The comprehensive cover will provide utmost protection in various cases.

Similarly if you lost your vehicle or if it is damaged severely in an unexpected accident or natural disaster, you are able to claim a considerable amount of money from the insurance provider. Likewise there are many advantages in purchasing motorbike insurance. Therefore it is recommended that they have to purchase the policy without fail. It will protect them in the critical situations.

How to find the best insurance company?

There are plenty of insurance companies in every location but the individuals cannot ensure that all those companies will provide best insurance offers to them. Moreover they cannot trust all the companies which are available in their location. Therefore it is very important to make sure that the insurance company that an individual is going to choose is reliable. In order to identify the best and reliable insurance company, the individuals can make use of the online sources. There are many websites which are especially available to guide people in choosing the best insurance company therefore individuals can utilize those platforms and make a better decision.

First of all, people have to explore the complete information about each and every insurance company and get to know about them properly. At the same time, they have to get insurance quotes from all those companies and compare them to find out which company is offering the best and suitable insurance policy. This is the most important thing that everyone has to do. On top of all these things, they have to go through the reviews about each of the insurance companies. Since the reviews are given by the customers who are presently and previously associated with the company, the individuals can utilize the reviews for making the right decision.